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Kolinsky Law Office – Finding a criminal lawyer?

If you are facing criminal charges (also referred to as a criminal prosecution), you most likely want to criminal defense lawyer (lawyers are sometimes referred to as attorneys) to assist you.  Unlike other areas of law, where it is becoming commonplace for parties to represent themselves, my sense is that most members of the public and certainly most accused persons feel that hiring the right criminal lawyer is an essential part of the process.

I actually support this view.  As a lawyer, I always think it is unwise for an individual to go into court without at a minimum seeking legal advice to know exactly where they stand.  In my experience, those people who think they have everything under control and don’t really need a lawyer are almost always fooling themselves.

Beware of False Criminal Lawyers 

People who are seeking a criminal lawyer (or any other type of lawyer for that matter) should not be taken by the bravado and slick salesmanship of certain members of the bar.  At times, lawyers will virtually promise that charges will be “thrown out” (which is inherently misleading because it can mean a number of things) or confidently assure the client that an acquittal is likely, before they are fully familiar with the case.  I personally believe that a lawyer should try to discuss all the issues in a given client’s case in a straightforward and honest manner and not be afraid to advise the client as to what their chances of success are, even if those chances are slim.


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