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Immigration and Citizenship Law Edmonton

On the surface, Canadian government agencies appear welcoming to immigrants. They freely outline the application process for travel, work, educational visa, and permanent residency or citizenship. However, the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) and the Canada Border Services Agency remain bureaucracies, and the technical details of winning approval to enter or live in the country can become overwhelming. People hoping to study, live, or work in Alberta will find that an Edmonton immigration lawyer can manage this process efficiently and supply answers when options are unclear.

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Immigration Lawyers Compared to Immigration Consultants

An immigration lawyer in Edmonton has earned a post-secondary law degree and passed the bar exam in Alberta. A lawyer’s training and credentials regarding immigration issues exceed those attained by an immigration consultant. Lawyers can represent people within all levels of the immigration system, including the federal courts. For example, an individual concerned about deportation may hire a lawyer to petition a court to delay the action whereas an immigration consultant cannot act as the legal representative in the courtroom.

Who can hire an immigration lawyer?

Anyone seeking entry to the country as well as employers who want to sponsor people to work in Alberta may hire an immigration lawyer.

Why should I hire an immigration lawyer?

Statistics reported by CIC News showed that people represented by immigration lawyers enjoyed twice the success rate with their immigration applications for permanent residency compared to people who relied on immigration consultants or self-represented.

Additionally, an Alberta immigration lawyer has the knowledge to supply advice concerning other legal matters that could intersect with an individual’s plans to move to the country. An immigrant desiring to start or purchase a business in Canada may require detailed guidance on this matter when preparing immigrant applications.

How can an immigration lawyer help me?

Immigration attorneys in Edmonton have the experience and training to aid clients with diverse needs. Everybody from students to employers to families hoping to bring relatives into Canada can benefit from advice and support provided by an attorney.

Common issues that immigration lawyers handle are:

  • Visa applications for students, workers, or travelers
  • Citizenship applications
  • Citizenship test preparation
  • Permanent residency applications
  • Deportation defense
  • Support during immigration interviews
  • Support during immigration hearings

Regardless of the needs and goals of a particular immigrant, immigration means paperwork. A lawyer may help with filling out forms and submitting required documentation. This service can reduce delays and denials by allowing an applicant to fully understand questions and provide thorough answers and disclosures. The increased accuracy of paperwork enabled by legal support can translate into a quicker process and prevent problems that may require a lengthy appeal.

In addition to explaining paperwork and checking applications for problems prior to sending the forms to the government, an immigration lawyer can identify the correct way for an individual to approach the immigration process. Canada maintains multiple programs at the federal and provincial level meant to attract immigrants and help them navigate entry into the country.

Which Canadian immigration program should I use?

This is a simple question that probably has a complicated answer. An immigration attorney can evaluate someone’s given situation and recommend a program that is best suited to that person’s work credentials and goals. Legal guidance of this nature can spare an immigrant from missing out on an option that could result in an efficient outcome.

Skilled Worker Immigration Options

Canada operates an Express Entry application system that collects information from immigrants with in-demand skills, education, or work experience. People submit information to the government to create profiles about what they have to offer. A Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) scores people according to various criteria. At regular intervals, IRCC informs candidates with the highest scores that they may apply for permanent residency.

Anyone who qualifies as a skilled worker also has an opportunity to bring family members to the country. Close family members are defined as spouses or common-law partners and dependent children or grandchildren. The permanent resident status would also be available to these family members once a skilled worker gains approval to enter the country.

Federal Immigration Programs for Other Workers

An immigration lawyer in Edmonton, Alberta, could assist in-demand workers who may not necessarily meet the standards for the skilled worker programs. Federal programs that encourage agricultural or live-in caregiver workers to apply are available to connect immigrants with industries that need hands-on labourers.

Provincial Nominee Program

An immigrant may find opportunities at the provincial level. The Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program manages three avenues for immigrant entry:

  • Express Entry Stream
  • Self-Employed Farmer Stream
  • Alberta Opportunity Stream

Foreign nationals who express interest in these programs form a pool of eligible people. The province nominates people for entry into the country from these candidates.

Family Sponsorship

People who already hold the status of permanent resident or citizen have the ability to help family members immigrate. This extends to spouses, common-law partners, children, parents, and grandparents.

Business-Oriented Immigration

Although many immigration programs focus on employment, Canada is also prepared to welcome entrepreneurs. Business people may find that the Federal Start-Up Visa Program or Federal Self-Employed Persons Program fits their goals. Speaking with an immigration attorney about entering the country as a business leader could prove productive.

Refugees and Asylum Seekers

At times, dire circumstances motivate people to immigrate to Canada. Refugees flee their homelands due to persecution and cannot return home without fear of violence. For this reason, refugees and asylum seekers are not technically labelled immigrants. Immigrants voluntarily choose to move to new countries. They are not forced to flee for fear of their lives.

People in this situation may find themselves in the country illegally. That status could threaten them with deportation. An immigration lawyer may still be able to supply advice that connects such a person with the correct government agencies to obtain documentation to stay in the country and move forward within society.

What programs does Alberta have for immigrants?

Alberta recognizes that many people in the province require support to integrate into Canadian society and make the most of their new opportunities in a new land. Resources from the provincial government include assessment of foreign credentials, funding for immigrant support groups, worker nominations, and refugee resettlement.

Is an immigration lawyer worth the expense?

Although each person may face unique obstacles when immigrating and no lawyer can promise total success in every case, legal representation will generally provide substantial value.

Consider how moving into a new house is like immigrating to a new country. When you move a household, you could move your furniture and possessions yourself or hire professional movers. Doing it yourself might mean strapping a mattress to the roof of a car and hoping it does not rain. With professional movers, you get everything loaded within an enclosed truck that protects your possessions and then unloaded.

Similarly, hiring an immigration lawyer could reduce your heavy lifting and protect your interests. A lawyer’s efforts could very well mean the difference between approval or denial. Compared to a prolonged appeal of a denial, a smooth process could be worth thousands of dollars in terms of your time and reduced stress. Outrightlevels denial or having to go back and correct mistakes or omissions on paperwork will prevent you from moving forward with the life that you want to live. For these reasons, an internet search for an “immigration lawyer near me” could represent the best move that you can make when confronted by the high-stakes process of entering Canada legally.

Legal Support at Any Point on Your Immigration Journey

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