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Immigration Lawyer ServicesWe provide immigration litigation services including representation at hearings before the Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB), judicial review applications in the Federal Court for things such as denial of a refugee claim, criminal inadmissibility, and the denial of a permanent residence application.  I was personally involved in a security certificate file as a member of public counsel in Re: Mahjoub.  If you are deemed inadmissible to Canada or would like to immigrate to Canada, please call our office for more information about your rights.

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Many (but not all) people who are present in Canada and run afoul of the immigration authorities may be detained by the Canada Border Services Agency which is the agency responsible for enforcing Canada’s immigration laws.  This is not the same as being arrested for a criminal offense, but the consequences can be very similar.  Further, I have experience in obtaining release for foreign nationals pending their inadmissibility hearing.  If you are arrested for an immigration issue and you are denied release at your detention review, you could be held in custody for months before your matter is decided.  For that reason alone, it is best to hire competent immigration counsel to assist you immediately upon your arrest.

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