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Kolinsky Law is a Results Driven Law Practice in Edmonton, Alberta, specializing in family/divorce, criminal and DUI/Over 80/Impaired Driving, and immigration law. Founded by David Kolinsky, we have deep roots in Edmonton, and bring a wide range of knowledge and experience to the community. An Edmonton native, David is a graduate of University of Toronto’s Juris Doctor program and began his practice in Ontario, where he served from 2005 to 2012. David then returned to Alberta and has practiced locally since 2013. David is currently a member of the Alberta and Ontario bars and has extensive experience both at the trial and appellate level.

We assist with all types of family law issues, and cases from the simple to the most involved. We are experienced with matters under the Divorce Act, the Family Law Act, the Matrimonial Property Act and other related statutes.

We ensure your interests are well represented with any type of matter including divorce, uncontested divorce, annulment of marriage, custody of children, child support, reducing child support, spousal support, reducing spousal support, alimony, division of property, grandparents’ rights, child protection and more. We also prepare marriage/prenuptial and related agreements.

In criminal matters, we approach each case with the goal of safeguarding both your immediate and future interests. We believe in minimizing court time and ensuring the best possible resolution of your criminal charges. We feel the best legal representation involves prompt and clear communication, sound judgment, strong analytical and research skills, a willingness to persevere in the face of adversity, and ultimately, a recognition that the law is not always abstract but directly impacts how people live their lives.

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Facing a divorce or criminal charge is a life-changing event.  To get the best possible outcome, you need the best possible representation.  We assist clients with family law matters, DUI/Over 80/Impaired Driving and other criminal cases.

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