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The Alberta child support calculator is used to calculate the basic amount per month that the paying parent might expect to provide.

Child support in Alberta is calculated by the Federal Child Support Guidelines, and the Alberta child support tables. If one or both parents live outside of Alberta, use the Canada Child Support Calculator instead.

To calculate the monthly amount, input the gross income of the paying parent in the first box, and the number of children to be supported in the second box. Gross income is defined as an individual’s pay from their employer before taxes or deductions.


For the most part, Alberta’s guidelines around child support fall in line with federal guidelines, and the amount calculated will represent a fairly accurate estimate of a monthly payment.

It is recommended that individuals speak to a qualified legal professional for more information and support in order to navigate what can be a complex process.

A child support or family law action in Alberta begins with an application at the Provincial Court of Alberta. As the action proceeds, it may require that certain matters move up to be dealt with through Alberta’s Court of Queen’s Bench. Each court has different procedural requirements for actions to proceed, which should be carefully considered.

The calculator, and the information on this page are for general information purposes. It is not intended to provide you with specific legal advice, and will not replace the advice of a qualified legal professional. For information specific to your situation, Alberta child support guidelines, family law actions, and the procedures of Alberta’s courts, please book consultation today.

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