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For most, being charged with a crime is a jarring experience.  Defendants face a prosecution able to utilize vast resources of the judicial system one goal – to convict.  As ordinary citizens, defendants in a criminal case most likely don’t understand the process and laws involved and are thus unable to defend themselves accordingly.

That changes when there is legal representation.  With an experienced criminal law specialist on their side, people charged with criminal offences can get the right advice on what they are facing and what to expect as the process moves forward.

Process to Handle Criminal Cases

Many don’t realize there are several phases to a criminal case and the trial is merely the latter part of the process.  First, there are hearings for bail.  The judge will determine if a defendant is to be granted bail, or temporary freedom, before a verdict on his or her culpability is issued.  From this point on quality representation is essential.  An expert criminal lawyer can assess your case and give advice as early as the bail hearings stage, greatly increasing the odds of receiving bail.

In addition, a lawyer’s help is essential at the pleadings stage.  The defendant’s decision at this point sets the scene for the trial and the best decision is only possible with expert advice from a criminal lawyer.

It is essential to find a lawyer who is objective in his advice and who is not hesitant to be honest about realities of the case. A good lawyer is frank and does not feed false hope even if the odds are tipping against their client’s favour.

With proper advice, a defendant can make the best decisions with regards to compromises so the possible sentence is commuted to one that is lighter and less severe.

Get Consultation on Criminal Cases in Edmonton

Canada’s legal system has a broad definition of criminal behavior, ranging from minor offences such as vandalism, to the more serious such as child pornography possession, shoplifting, robbery, fraud, kidnapping and possession of prohibited weapons, among others.  Getting the best representation means getting your best shot at the best possible outcome.  Contact us for a no-obligation consultation.

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