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Criminal Lawyer in Edmonton for DUI, Drug Trafficking, Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence and more

What do Edmonton criminal defence lawyers do? criminal arrest

Kolinsky Law’s Criminal defence lawyers in Edmonton advise, counsel and represent people charged with crimes in a court of law.  When an individual is charged with a criminal offence, they may be asking themselves many questions:  What do I do first?   What will happen to me?  Will I spend time in jail?  How will I tell my family?  What will my future look like?

For the average person, criminal law in Canada can be overwhelming and difficult to navigate.  A great criminal lawyer is your ultimate guide and asset.  The Kolinsky team of passionate criminal lawyers have many years of experience in criminal law and will take the lead on your case, offering professional advice, collecting relevant information to build your case, and helping you to take the best steps forward.

Types of Crimes that Kolinsky Law Handles:


DUI/Driving Over 80/Drug-Impaired Driving in Edmonton

In 2018, 6705 Albertans were charged with impaired driving.  If you are charged with impaired driving – whether it be a DUI charge, Driving Over 80 or Drug-Impaired Driving – our lawyers can help.  In the case of impaired driving, the penalties can be serious.  With both Provincial and Federal ramifications ranging from license suspension, vehicle seizures, hefty fees and even complete driving prohibition, having legal counsel to defend you is a must.  The consequences of impaired driving charges can greatly affect your daily life.  A knowledgeable lawyer can get your life back on track.


Drug trafficking

Drug law is an extensive area of criminal law. Drug charges are very serious. There are many factors that will affect the charges. These ranges depending on which substance was in possession, the intention of the person (personal use or sales), their involvement in Drug Trafficking operations and so on. If you are charged with drug trafficking, it is essential to ensure legal support.  Proper legal advice and having a strong voice on your side is a must to ensure the best possible defence.


Sexual assault defence in Alberta

There is no one-size-fits-all way to defend an assault charge.  Assault charges greatly depend on the details of the assault and the circumstances under which the alleged assault took place.  Your Best Defence against an Assault Charges is to hire an experienced criminal lawyer that will ensure you are not wrongfully accused and will help get you the best outcomes from your case possible.  They will take the time to examine the details carefully to ensure nothing has been overlooked.  Even the smallest detail can make a difference in the charge.  If you are accused of a sexual assault charge, it is imperative you hire a criminal lawyer immediately.  Even if you think you are innocent, you should be seeking legal advice before speaking to the police.


Domestic violence allegations

Allegations of family violence involve all types of relationships.  Many people end up facing charges for the first time because of these domestic violence allegations.  There are many offences that are under the “domestic assault” umbrella including mischief, threats, unlawful confinement, sexual assault, and criminal harassment.  It goes without saying that being backed by a team of experienced and effective lawyers is essential.  You will need a lawyer that is very well-versed in family violence law.


The criminal case process

Having a criminal case appeal goes through court is truly a process and the trial is merely the latter part.  First, there are hearings for bail in which the judge will determine if the defendant is to be granted temporary freedom before a verdict is issued.

Throughout the trial, the counsel will raise defences that can assist their client, offer advice about best practices for their client during questioning and interview key witnesses to obtain their testimony.  The criminal defence lawyer will assess the strengths and weaknesses of their client’s case, finding the optimal strategy as the trial progresses.

A lawyer will continue to assist after the trial has run its course and a verdict has been handed down with sentencing.  In the event that the client’s strategy is not successful, the criminal lawyer will assist with the appeal.  If a client is found guilty after an appellate process, the lawyer will provide further help with issues such as probation and parole.


Kolinsky Law criminal lawyers for defence

The lawyers at Kolinsky Law are dedicated to defence of clients against all criminal charges or other serious allegations.  Our team has many years of experience in all areas of criminal law and we are very knowledgeable about the Criminal Code of Canada.

Our team is made up of strong, passionate and dedicated individuals that will work tirelessly to ensure you receive the best legal advice and representation.  We will put your best interests at the forefront of the strategy in place to ensure your legal rights are protected and after all, is said and done, you will come through with the best possible results.

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Being charged with a criminal offence is a life-changing event but you don’t have to face this stressful situation alone.  Choosing a criminal lawyer that best represents your rights is important both to ease your fears and to advise and help you through the legal process.  At Kolinsky Law, our reputation, years in practice, and expertise help you find the best outcome possible no matter your situation.

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