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Common Law Relationships

Not all parents are married. Unmarried couples are generally treated the same as married couples with respect to child custody, access, child support and spousal support (also referred to as adult interdependent partner support for common law couples). The key difference is that common law partners have no legal entitlement to the equalization of matrimonial property. Rather, common law spouses may obtain a constructive trust in the assets of their former partner if they can prove they contributed in a material way to the increase in value of an asset or assets owned by the former partner.

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Canada’s legal system has a broad definition of criminal behavior ranging from minor offenses such as vandalism, to more serious offenses, such as shoplifting, robbery, fraud, kidnapping, possession of prohibited weapons and many others. To get the best possible outcome, one should get the best possible representation. We assist clients with DUI/”Over 80”/Impaired Driving and other criminal cases.